Baz Ashmawy has shared how he can’t wait for DIY SOS to start filming again

12/02/2021 |

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Pic: VIP Ireland

Baz Ashmawy has shared how much he misses filming and that he can’t wait to get back to DIY SOS.

The RTE presenter won the hearts of the nation last year when the show aired, helping many families around the country through the program.

Posting to Instagram this week he said; “God I miss the CRAIC of filming.”

“I Reeeeeally can’t wait to start D.I.Y SOS again. I miss it. Just met the most amazing people and families. There’s more good people out there than bad. Always remember that.”

He continued;”If you’ve had heartbreak or you’ve been left with holes in your heart from the sadness of life.. the only thing that will ever fill those voids is love and kindness. We have to have that for eachother.”

“I know nothing about DIY but I know that can help mend most things.”

Baz had previously penned an emotional social media post to the show that has ‘changed’ the way he sees Ireland; “To do the right thing when it would have been so easy just not to feckn bother. I swear, it’s changed how I see our little country. It really has.”

“The empathy you had to come forward and make the difference. And the pride you all took in your work. Listen, You changed those families lives for ever. I don’t just mean in what you built or created but in the kindness you showed them.”

Bringing his post to an end, Baz added: “It’s been such a privilege for me to be around women and men like you. I’m just so proud to be Irish.”

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