Imelda May reveals lockdown romance; “lockdown kind of flung us together”

07/02/2021 |

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Imelda May has revealed that she found love in lockdown with her new boyfriend, Neil McCormick.

Neil, is also a singer and the couple met back in 2018 before taking the plunge and moving in together during lockdown last year.

Speaking with the Irish Independent in a new interview Imelda shared; “We hit it off and lockdown kind of flung us together.”

“You either deal with that or you don’t. We’re in each other’s bubble. We didn’t really think it all through, we just didn’t want to be alone.”

Imelda met the 27-year-old singer songwriter in London where they are both currently living.

Speaking about how quickly the relationship moved she shared; “We didn’t expect it to last a year but here we are. Who knows where things will go with anyone.”

We love to hear some positive news from lockdown, especially a new romance!

The 46-year-old singer was also asked about the age gap between them, which is 19 years.

“You can line things up as much as you want and follow the rules as much as you want,” she said.

“If two people fall in love, that’s all there is and to have beauty in your life in any way, especially now, is a blessing.”

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