Maura Higgins shares candid, make-up free post; “being yourself is more than enough”

12/02/2021 |

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Maura Higgins has shared a candid, make-up free post to Instagram as she encourages her followers to be “comfortable and proud in your own skin.”

We are used to seeing the Love Island star glammed up and wearing tan, so this post is a break from what she usually shares on social media.

Posting the bare faced but still gorgeous selfie, Maura said; “RAW … like many of us, there are so many times I stop to read the nasty comments in my DM’s or online & every single time I can’t help but think of the younger generation stepping on the social media bandwagon!”

“Us women especially get criticised day in and day out about our body’s, hair, makeup, skin…I could go on forever.”

The Longford native continued; “I am very lucky to be confident inside & out and I want to empower woman to do the same.”

“We don’t need to use filters or apps, being yourself is more than enough although a minority of the online community sometimes try and convince us otherwise.”

“Everyone preaches to be kind to others when really we need to also preach how important it is to be kind to ourselves; be comfortable and proud in your own skin.”

Only recently the 30-year-old shared in an interview the hate she had been receiving online, something she is sadly used to with over 3.1 million followers.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan UK, Maura revealed that she does respond to trolls from time to time. Saying, “I’d like to say I don’t respond to trolls but, yeah, sometimes I do. I don’t even know why. Sometimes, depending on my humour I’m just like ‘oh come on’ and then I’ll just go into a rant.”

She continued to say that although she does deal with trolls, she’s not constantly hitting the block button. “Since coming out of the villa I might have blocked maybe six. They’re the nasty trolls.”

Maura then explained that one comment in particular really struck a chord with her, when she had been training regularly during the first lockdown. “I was feeling really, really good about myself and then I was papped and this picture went online and I remember seeing a comment saying ‘she needs to lose weight’ and I was like ‘are you joking?’

“Nothing is ever good enough for some of these people, you know? You’re either too big, too small, your makeup isn’t right, your hair’s not right, all the rest… but that’s the world we live in.”

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