Mike Denver opens up about how his baby daughter got him through lockdown

08/02/2021 |

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Mike Denver has revealed what has got him through lockdown, and the difficulties of the past few months. The country music star shared that the birth of his little girl helped to bring “some brightness to this lockdown.”

Speaking about this on Ireland AM he said; “It’s hard to believe it, it’s just over 10 months, hitting for 11 months at this stage.”

“I suppose there’s some brightness to this lockdown and to Covid. Being left at home I get to spend some great time with her so I’ve really enjoyed it so I have.”

“We’ve had a great 10 or 11 months but we’re looking forward to some changes and getting back to gigs shortly!”

Not only did he chats about his little girl, Mia, but she also made a surprise appearance on the show and was grinning from ear to ear for the camera!

Mike, and his partner, Liz, welcomed their first child to the world in March of this year and he has previously opened up about the birth of his daughter Mia, revealing it was a worrying time.

Their little girl arrived a month earlier than expected – and to make matters worse, he couldn’t be present at the birth due to regulations surrounding Covid-19.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Mike told us, “It was a very frightening time. Liz was admitted to hospital just before the Coronavirus hit the country.

“As it got more serious, the restrictions in the hospital became more intense, day by day.”

He went on to say, “I was unable to visit Liz, which was really hard on both of us. We were also told that I could not be present at the birth, was a really hard blow.

“I would have loved to be there for Liz, to support her and share the special moment; a moment we dreamed of for a long time.”

“Being separated from each other before, during and after the birth was very tough. But in the times we are in, it was for everyone’s safety.”

Despite her difficult entry into the world, he said, “She’s a real bundle of joy. I’m really enjoying the feeding and cuddles….parenthood is absolutely amazing.”

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