Suzanne Jackson throws incredible socially distant party for her sister Katie’s 21st birthday

22/06/2020 |

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It’s not every day that you turn 21, and in lockdown things are certainly a bit different. This weekend Suzanne Jackson celebrated her youngest sister’s 21st in style with a socially distant birthday party.

Sharing on her Instagram stories before the event Suzanne said; “Katie is having a few friends over to celebrate in style. The venue is big enough to social distance.”

The party was hosted in her back garden, and as Suzanne said herself; “You know I don’t do things by halves, I think everybody knows that by now, especially little get-togethers.”

The business mogul certainly didn’t do it by halves as she hired two bands, had a huge marquee with a dance floor, a bar complete with cocktails and balloons everywhere!

Not only did Suzanne throw the most amazing party, but she also went all out with the gifts as she bought her sister a car.

Tied up in a huge bow was a 172 white Renault, which was the most amazing 21st birthday present. Suzanne posted Katie’s excited reaction when she gave it to her, which involved a lot of screaming!

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